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Why Do We Need a Bluetooth Wireless TV Headset?

Why Do We Need a Bluetooth Wireless TV Headset?

Why Do We Need a Bluetooth Wireless TV Headset?

TV Headphones Solve the Problem We've been Struggling With for a Long Time

Many friends live with their families, and those who live under the same roof will inevitably have some friction. For example, the problem of TV noise, especially some elders who like to watch TV, and the hearing of the elderly is not particularly good, so they often turn on the TV sound very loudly, but many people like to keep the space quiet but do not want to interrupt watching TV Other people who are motivated. We have a great solution to this problem, and it's a problem our Bluetooth Wireless TV Headphones solve perfectly.

Why Choose Retekess Bluetooth Wireless TV Headset TA007?

This Bluetooth wireless TV headset TA007 from Retekess can help you keep your room quiet without being disturbed by TV noise while the TV is playing at the highest volume, and users can enjoy excellent sound quality and a comfortable wearing experience, At the same time, the user can move freely within a certain range without affecting the listening effect. More importantly, it can be connected to two earphones and used at the same time, and the two users can respectively adjust the volume that suits them and listen to TV programs at the same time. A quiet and comfortable space is created, which greatly improves living happiness.

TA007 Bluetooth Wireless TV Headset with More Functions

There are Bluetooth and 2.4G modes to choose from, and it supports answering calls while watching TV. The Bluetooth mode can be used with mobile phones or other devices, so you don’t need to buy additional Bluetooth headsets for your mobile phones.

In the 2.4G TV headphone mode, the connection distance between the headphone and the transmitter is about 30m, so there is no problem walking around at home. In Bluetooth mode, the connection distance is about 10 meters.

Equipped with a multi-functional base, it can be used as a transmitter, and can also be used to store and charge the earphones, the vertical charging transmitter is easy to charge and store.

With the removable rechargeable battery, if you want to watch TV for a long time, you can also prepare a pair of fully charged batteries and replace them at any time. Solve the problem that the battery is damaged and cannot be replaced.

Low-latency 2.4G technology, the delay is less than 20ms, and the low latency improves your viewing experience, making watching smooth and worry-free.

Power saving function, the headset enters standby mode if there is no signal input for 5 minutes, which is a function designed to save power for users.


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