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Benefits of Service Calling System for a Hotel

Benefits of Service Calling System for a Hotel

Benefits of Service Calling System for a Hotel

If you are lacking customer satisfaction, retention and profits in your restaurant business and finding a worthy solution to improve the same, Wireless Waiter Calling System is worth giving a try. Unaware of its meaning and benefits? Keep reading.

What is Service Calling System

A service call system, also known as an employee paging system, is a communication device that facilitates communication between hotel staff and guests. The Retekess service call system helps your VIP customers to contact the service staff more conveniently and efficiently for help.

Advantages of Push for Service

Relaxed Customers

Use the one-key call service paging system to help employees provide fast and accurate services more conveniently. Through different keys on the button, the corresponding needs are displayed when calling, and employees can be fully prepared to serve customers, improving VIP customer satisfaction, and improved Customer Base and Retention

Increase Profit

Improve the work efficiency of the hotel, improve the service efficiency of employees, and Efficienct Manpower Use can provide more convenience for customers. Conducive to enhance corporate image, Improved Brand Reputation. Unique services attract more customers to come and spend.

Better Management

The hotel can improve the communication method and service process between customers and employees. Customers only need to click to get services, avoiding chaotic appeal scenes. As a result, hotel operations and management become easy and convenient.

Retekess New Arrival TD032 Service Call Buttons Worth A Try!

Series buttons set with call buttons from 1 to 4 keys, “call cancel pay and order”

Silicone IP55 Waterproof Call Button comfortable to touch and durable

Suitable for hotels, restaurants, resorts and other occasions.

It can be used with Retekess wristwatches and screen receivers, and the distance is from 50 meters to 250 meters. The average working distance is 80 meters.

Visit our website here to learn more about our manufacturing pagers. If you have any other questions about wireless service calling system, please feel free to  contact us by phone at +86-15639073051 or email at support@retekess.com.


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