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What Does the Call Waiter Button Bring?

What Does the Call Waiter Button Bring?

What Does the Call Waiter Button Bring?

In restaurants, hotels and other service industries, improving the service level of the enterprise itself is the key to winning customers. The call waiter button is created by such thinking. What exactly does it bring us?

Features of the Call Waiter Button

The call button is an intermediate substance that requires the service person to contact the service provider. When we have any needs, we only press it, and the corresponding staff will come to us and provide the help we want. Its characteristics are as follows:

Lightweight and portable. The push button is about a quarter the size of the palm of your hand and about the weight of a walnut. Guests can take it to any table position, which is very convenient to carry.

Sturdy and durable. Although the size is small, it does not affect the quality at all. Some are made of ABS plastic material, which is drop-proof, dust-proof, beautiful, and durable.

Easy to set up and use. After pairing with the receiver, the user can call with one key, no other operations are required, it is very simple, and it is suitable for people of all ages.

Long communication distance. In an open space, the transmission distance is more than 30 meters, and some can reach 80 meters or more.

Changes Brought by the Call Waiter Button


From the customer's point of view. Customers don't have to go to the waiter in person, which saves time walking back and forth in the middle. There is also no need to shout loudly or wave to the staff (this is a fearful thing for people who is not good at speaking, afraid to communicate). They just need to be in their place and move their fingers up and down to get what they want.

From a business perspective. There is no need for staff to interrupt customers abruptly and ask them what service they need. Just wait for the call from the button. During this period, they can sit quietly at their workstations, or greet more guests. On the one hand, it improves the work efficiency of enterprise employees. On the other hand, it makes the operation of the restaurant more orderly, and also creates a good dining atmosphere for customers.

In summary, the advent of the call button has actually brought service staff and customers closer together. Customers can feel that their needs are being responded to, and employees are more aware of the customer's true needs. For more information, check out the Retekess Call Buttons.

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