Why Retekess TT126 Factory Tour Guide System

Why Retekess TT126 Factory Tour Guide System

Why Retekess TT126 Factory Tour Guide System

When visiting any industrial site, the environment is very noisy because of the mass production of materials and the operation of machines.If you have customers who want to visit the factory to see the plant and activities what factory tour guide system should you use?

Retekess focused on wireless communication for many years, we supply the one-way tour guide system and two-way tour guide system. Today, I will show the TT126 two-way system with more details and inform you why you should choose TT126 to be the factory tour guide system.

Two-way and one-way speaking mode

We have many types of one-way models, but TT126 is the only model, which supports two-way, it means that all the transmitters and receivers can speak and listen to each other. It solves many customers' problems. Due to that when the listeners want to ask a question, they can also speak. All the people can hear the sound and respond. So if you need two-way interactive communication, the Retekess TT126 is the best model.

Stable signal

Retekess TT126 is with a built-in soft antenna. It is about 10cm, so the signal is very stable and can cross thick walls, obstacles, and so on. And the working range can reach 280M in the open area. The range is enough for many applications. It will be good for the factory tour, where there are many machines.

Easy to operate

All the transmitters and receivers with a mic that can talk and listen to each other, besides, the transmitters can transmit sound at any time. Such as when the listener is talking, but the speaker wants to Announce an emergency thing, he can speak directly.  The transmitter can long press the red mute button to mute.

2 charging ways

On the transmitter and receiver, there are 2 ports for charging. One is the USB port and the other is the charging point. 

If you bought several pieces you can charge them using the USB ports, and we will send the charging cable, but if you buy many, you can buy the charging case. There are 45-ports. All is based on your needs. 

retekess two way factory tour guide system

Retekess TT126 is the best model for a factory tour guides, which will help people understand each other. If you need the tour guide system for your business using, pls contact us to get more details. 

If you want to learn the details on the tt126 two way tour guide system, click the following links:



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