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Category Archives :Product Introduction

Retekess 863-865 MHZ Tour Guide System New Arrival

Retekess new arrival TT111 ear hook type of tour guide system work in 863-865 and 902-928MHz, so you can buy the systems based on your needs. The UHF frequency also makes the system work in a long range.  ...

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Why do You Choose the Paging System for Restaurant

Long-range, fashion appearance and max 998 pagers wireless paging system and function of calling system for Retekess T116  ...

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Function Description of TD112 Watch Pager

Function Description of TD112 Watch Pager including appearance, auto turn-off, alarm setting, vibration prompt mode, customize key name, languages and other function.  ...

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Which Audio Tour Guide System is the Best for School

Many students are back to school, and the audio tour guide system can make sure that all the students can hear the sound clearly and the two-way system lets the students talk and listen at any time.  ...

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New Arrival TT124 Two-way Tour Guide System

The two-way tour guide system TT124 is on market now. Widely used in plant tours and factory tours. You should have one.  ...

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Why Retekess TT124 Factory Tour Guide System

Retekess TT124 is the two-way system, and the good features make it to be the best model factory tour guide system.  ...

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Best Restaurant Pager for Business TD156

Which model is the best for business? TD156 restaurant pager is the best. IP67 waterproof, anti-theft function, and count down function.  ...

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Which Two-Way System is Best for Factory Tour

Retekess lists a new arrival tour guide system for a factory tour, the model is TT124, which has many good features, such as long working range, one key function, easy to operate and two-way commucation. The two-way is the most important for a factory tour.  ...

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Best Pager System for Coffee Shop

Best pager system for coffee shop. Get one for your coffee shop to win more customers. Easy use and cost-effective. You should have it.  ...

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How to Choose Watch Receiver Among Few Models?

How to choose watch receivers among TD112, T128, TD106, and TD108 watch pagers? TD112 as a new watch receiver has a very good function. But for other models, you can check more details.  ...

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