Why Haven't Pagers Go Out of Style?

Why Haven't Pagers Go Out of Style?

Why Haven't Pagers Go Out of Style?

Do people still use pagers?

When I tell people I work in the pager industry I often get asked if people even still use pagers. After all, isn’t it an outdated technology? 

If you’re speaking about the the type of pagers that were common in the days before modern cell phones that would notify you when someone was trying to reach you then yes those are mostly outdated (unless you are a doctor.)

However, if you’re talking about the types of pagers that are typically used in restaurants to alert people their table is available, then the answer is yes, those are absolutely still around. Not only are they still around, they are used in many more scenarios than you might think.

Whether it is a restaurant with a table that is ready, a service center with a repaired car, a warehouse bay with packages ready for pickup, or a health clinic ready for the next patient, paging systems are relied upon by service-based businesses everywhere.

Advantages of pagers.

• Systems are ready to go out of the box, and little to no training is required; an advantage in the high-turnover service industries. From the guest’s perspective, pagers are completely intuitive and require no explanation.

• Tethered: Pagers create a “tether” keeping the potential customer close while they wait, whatever the service may be. 

• Extremely Reliable: Waiting areas can be busy and loud, but a pager’s vibration, sound and LED lights cut through noise. Pagers solve some of the challenges of texting, which can include low cell service, phone volume, battery life and more. Pagers function even in underground facilities, and as far as the length of a football field.

• Customizable: Retekess pagers have customizable elements ,we can add your logo.

• Affordable: Unlike many other applications, there are no ongoing software fees or infrastructure requirements with paging systems.

Example: A healthcare clinic located in the basement of a building may not be the best fit for text messaging due to cell phone receptivity. Retekess provides pagers that can pick up a signal virtually anywhere, with a football field’s length of range.

Example: When customers are waiting to eat, it is easy to give up waiting for the original restaurant because they see other restaurants with vacancies. But when you give a customer a pager and tell him that the server will call him through the pager if a seat is available, there is a good chance that the customer will wait for the restaurant to call rather than choose a new restaurant.

If you are interested in pagers for your business,Please click here to go to our paging system page and take a look at them for yourself.

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