Fast Food Paging System Solution for Self-pickup Mode Restaurants

Fast Food Paging System Solution for Self-pickup Mode Restaurants

Fast Food Paging System Solution for Self-pickup Mode Restaurants

Fast food paging system is a perfect solution for busy restaurants, food courts, and coffee shops etc. Guests can move around freely and wait comfortably. However, running a fast-food restaurant can come with the following problems:

1. Insufficient manpower, unable to quickly find customers who have placed orders

2. Long queuing time and many complaints

3. Hiring multiple waiters, with higher costs

4. The counter for ordering and pick-up meals are not at the same place, so it can't inform customers to pick up meals on time

If your restaurant is facing the above problems, why not try Retekess guest paging solution?

Operation Procedures of Using Paging System

1. Customers order the food at the front counter.

2. Staff at the order counter record the details and order ID. Hand out pagers to your guests, and inform the kitchen to cook.

3. Chef prepared the food, presses the corresponding button on the keypad, and informs the customers to pick up the meal. They can come back and pick-up the food when it's ready.

4. Return the pager and take their own food.

Benefits of Using Guest Paging System

1. Save labor costs for waiters and increase income

2. More orderly, improve restaurant operating efficiency

3. Efficient queuing and pick-up

4. No long lines and large crowds during peak mealtime

5. Increasing service level and Improve customer satisfaction

How to Choose Suitable Model of Pager System

For small-scale restaurants, 20 pagers in the T111 paging system are enough. You can directly press the number button to call without pressing call, which is convenient and quick. But T111 only has 20 pagers and cannot add more extensions.

If you run a restaurant business that is growing rapidly, you can choose the T112 paging system, a complete package containing 20 pagers. Additional pagers up to 999 can be purchased as your restaurant orders increase. At the same time, we also provide a unit of T112 pager system with 30 pagers.

Both of their pagers can be used the T119 keypad to call from another place to notify the customer to come and pick up the meal. Chef in the kitchen will call the customer’s pager directly while the food was prepared.


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