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Tour Gudie System for Traveling Business

Tour Gudie System for Traveling Business

Tour Gudie System for Traveling Business

Barcelona's city council issued an ordinance on Thursday limiting the size of tour groups in the Ciutat Vella district to 15 people - excluding the guide himself - , banning the use of loudspeakers and, in some areas, enacting regulations for these tour groups. Travel up the street and announce a sanction of 1,500 euros, which could reach 3,000 euros if the offense is repeated.

The decree, which came into effect on Tuesday after two major associations, the Presbyterian Church and Official Guides, signed an agreement on good practice for tour guides on Tuesday, is expected to come into effect in about 30 days, when public exposure and accusations.

This is a rule in Spain, in 2022. During the pandemic, few people want to go outside and travel, but in 2023, things are different, more and more people want to travel with friends. So the tour guide system is needed. Retekess supplies types of tour guide systems for many travel companies. You can check the details and choose the best type.

T130S and T131S

The T130S and T131S  system is the upgrade version of T130 and T131, which is the most popular type of Retekess, we sell them for many years. And the feedback is high due to the high quality of the sound and the best price. But some people need a longer working range, and longer standby time, so we upgraded it to the new version, the more details, you can click here.


It is the whisper system, which is lightweight and easy to carry. The receivers of TT106 are about 18g and also the lanyards. So you can hang it on the neck when you don't need to wear it. The most import good feature of TT106 is that 2 transmitters can work in one group at the same time. It is very important for some group, which has 2 guides. If you need more than 200 receivers, we will customize your logo for free. With the logo on the receivers, it will enhance your brand among tourists.

Types of tour guide systems are popular and widely used in the traveling company, they help the company to build their business well. So if you need any tour guide system, inform me of the details, such as quantity, color, working range, and so on, and we will choose the best mode for you. 

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