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How do you change pager ID in time without software?

How do you change pager ID in time without software?

How do you change pager ID in time without software?

As we all know, the POS system is very mature in the hospitality area. After order, people can have a number. After the order is ready, the service people will call the customer directly or use a speaker. The experience is not good. But now, the guest paging system is very popular now. When an order is ready, then they can use the keypad to notice the customer. The experience is wonderful. Because the service person doesn’t need to yell at the customers.

However, you may face a problem about the integrate, some POS system may not support software to change the ID of the pager. So you can program the POS system with the pager software. After place the order, there will be a number come out. How to change the number to the pager ID. That will be a problem. And business also needs to change the ID fast, especially in the busy hour.

Retekess guest paging system will solve this problem. For this function, we have many models that support changing ID directly. TD103, TD156, TD163, TD162, and TD158(LED version)guest paging system. For all these models, the pager has an LED, so you can change the pager ID directly and you can see the number as well. For the one without LED, it won’t support that.

Besides, these models, support multi keypad work together. So you can use two keypads, one is for change ID, another one is for calling. So it will be faster.

But amount this, if you need a long-range, you can choose the TD103 and TD156 long-range system. If you don’t need that longer range, you can choose the TD158. Since the TD163 and TD162 keypad with the charge all in one. So it may not very convenient.

In addition, if you have the POS that can support the integrate software, then you can choose the TD103 and TD156 guest paging system. We provide the API for integrating.

If you want to know more about the paging system, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com

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