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How Does Retekess Wireless Guest Pager System Work in Different Scenarios

How Does Retekess Wireless Guest Pager System Work in Different Scenarios

How Does Retekess Wireless Guest Pager System Work in Different Scenarios

Wireless guest pager systems provided by Retekess provide an excellent opportunity for restaurants, cafes, food trucks, clinics, churches. Long queues of customers can be avoided, thereby eliminating congestion and reducing labor costs, and increasing efficiency, and generating more revenue. The Long-range pager system will enable guests to walk around or sit down and rest instead of standing in the center all the time. The guest pager system provides customers with a pleasant experience through its high-standard technology and reliable performance stability

Food truck
Many people like to eat Food Truck food, our wireless call system can be perfectly integrated with it. The customer orders the food-the waiter gives the customer a pager-the customer walks around with the pager-the food is ready, the waiter presses the call button-the pager vibrates in the customer's hand to remind him to go back to pick up the food, everything is over again

Hospital and Clinic
Hospitals and clinics use the guest pager system to allow patients to wait in line, which helps to keep order and the cleanliness of the medical environment. After the diagnosis and treatment of the current patient is over, the nurse can call the next waiting patient to come for consultation through the pager. This will greatly improve the efficiency of medical staff and shorten the waiting time for patients. It will not cause congestion in the corridors of the hospital, and provide patients with a more suitable treatment and recuperation environment

Restaurant is a place where a wireless calling system is very much needed. Customers do not need to line up after placing an order but take the pager to sit in the dining area and wait for food to be ready more comfortably. The waiter calls, the pager vibrates or beeps to remind customers to go to pick up the meal

All models of Retekess systems support the addition of additional menus and other corresponding accessories. Find the most suitable pager system for your business

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