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Multi-scene Retekess Wireless Tour Guide System to Improve Efficiency

Multi-scene Retekess Wireless Tour Guide System to Improve Efficiency

Multi-scene Retekess Wireless Tour Guide System to Improve Efficiency

The Retekess wireless tour guide system can help solve communication difficulties caused by factors such as noise or distance. These systems help guides to actively communicate with the team, provide guidance and information, without distracting other tourists or disturbing the atmosphere of the places visited. Without this system, tour guides have to raise their voices, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of communication. The navigation system is widely used in scenes such as tourism, museum visits, conference translation, and factory visits

Indoor and Outdoor Tourism
The tour guide will degrade the information about the places and attractions visited, and the tourists equipped with personal receivers can hear every word clearly. At the same time, tourists are free to take photos and carefully observe the architectural details. All the information conveyed by the tour guide will reach the target audience. Communication will not be hindered by traffic noise, passers-by, or group members' distractions. The tour guide does not need to stop to gather or wait for those who are behind and don't have to worry about missing anyone

Factory Tour
Effective and clear communication is essential when visiting factories, laboratories, the automotive industry, or manufacturing facilities. Many manufacturing processes, machinery, and equipment generate high noise, which may hinder understanding and communication during the visit. However, the tour guide system consists of a transmitter and microphone for visitors to use, and headphones are connected to the receiver for visitors to use, which will enable them to hear exactly what they need. This will enable the company to convey an excellent image to its guests and show a comfortable and relaxing working environment

Due to its ease of use, portability, wireless design, and shortest set-up time, the tour guide system is an ideal choice for portable simultaneous interpretation. The interpreter hears what is said in the meeting/conference and then whispers the translated content into the microphone connected to the bodypack transmitter. Delegates will hear this translated message immediately without disturbing others



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