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Horizontal and Fully Functional Coaster Pager Retekess TD167 Series Restaurant Pager Queuing System

Retekess introduces the TD167 series, a horizontal and fully functional circular pager system designed for restaurants. With advantages over traditional pagers, this system offers stability, ease of use, and advanced features like over-range alarm and vibration alerts. The TD167A and TD167F models provide cost-effective solutions with slight variations in working distance. Both models enhance communication, reduce wait times, and improve the overall dining experience.  ...

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Why should you choose TD183 long range restaurant pager system?

Why choose TD183 restaurant pager system? Long-range restaurant paging system, large size pager, wih cancel button on the pager. You should have one. If you have to know more, feel free to email us at  ...

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RetekessTD162 Restaurant Pager Buzzers System FAQ

RetekessTD162 Restaurant Pager Buzzers System FAQ,include how to pair/how to set pager ID/how to add extra pager,how to change the reminder mode,how to set the reminder duration,how to turn off all pagers with one key  ...

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How to Improve Working Efficiency Using Restaurant Pager System

The restaurant pager system will help your business reduce the passive wait, reduce stuff and cost to Improve overall efficiency and grow your business. Retekess focused on the pager system for many years, we supply the systems and software to help you run business in an efficient way.  ...

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The impact of the restaurant pager system on the overall guest experience

Discover how the TD168R restaurant pager system amplifies guest satisfaction through efficient communication and reduced wait times.  ...

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Restaurant Pager System with Split Vertical Charging Base TD177

Enhance Efficiency and Streamline Operations with the Restaurant Pager System TD177, read more detail in the blog,you will be very surprised by what this product can do and get one.  ...

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Do I Need a Restaurant Pager System in My Business?

Do-I-Need-a-Restaurant-Pager-System-in-My-Business? Of course, with the device, you will improve the efficiency of staff and the satisfaction of customers.  ...

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Pager for Restaurant, the Most Reliable Service Experience

Pager for restaurant, which is small and portable, has flashing light, vibration and buzzer reminder mode, creates a comfortable environment for customers, and improves the service efficiency of enterprises.  ...

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Best Restaurant Pager for Business TD156

Which model is the best for business? TD156 restaurant pager is the best. IP67 waterproof, anti-theft function, and count down function.  ...

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New Arrival TD175 Restaurant Pager

TD175 restaurant pager is a new arrival model. It is a black color, with a 7 notice model, and the notice time is adjustable. Every business can afford it.  ...

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