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How to Choose Retekess Social Distancing Buzzer Paging System?

How to Choose Retekess Social Distancing Buzzer Paging System?

How to Choose Retekess Social Distancing Buzzer Paging System?

The guest paging system is widely used for businesses like restaurant, bars, nails&spa, salon, warehouse, dental clinic, and many other places where need customers waiting for service. There are many models of Retekess wireless calling system available on the market. Many managers or bosses may have questions while placing the order.

Retekess paging system from range 200m to 1200m, pagers number from 10 to 20 pcs, they could be extended from 20 to 998. And the unit set price from USD110 to USD450.

When you are choosing the paging system for business, you have to take consideration of what’s the communication range of the paging system is suitable for your business, how many pagers do you need in total, and what’s your budget on the social distancing buzzers.

If you need a long-range paging system, the TD156 (range up to 800m), TD103 (range up to 1200m) will be the better choice. They adopt the advantaged FM technology, the signal is much stronger and stable.

If you need a guest paging system just within 200m, all the models will work well for your purpose use. However, if there are many walls around your business’s place, I suggest you buy the long-range paging system since the walls will decrease the range of the wireless calling system.

You always find the channels number mentioned for a paging system, it means how many pagers you could extend for the model. You could choose it according to the scale of your business.

If you are looking for a cost-effective paging system, please check the Slim Paging System.

If you are looking for a space-saving calling system, you could select it from Coaster Paging System.

Should you have any other questions on choosing Retekess Guest Paging System, welcome to leave comments below, or email us at support@retekess.com, or contact us through WhatsApp +86 15639073051. All the inquires will be responded in 24 hours.

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