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Guest Paging That Works For Your Customers

Retekess guest paging system is very useful in Restaurants, Medical Facilities, Country Clubs (Tee Times), Church Nurseries, Auto Service Centersor Dealers, Salons and Spas, Hotels and Resorts and Grocery Stores. It is the most popular product in these area. Feel free to contact us at support@retekess.com for more information.  ...

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What service system do you need if you want to reopen your business?

Recently, many pubs, restaurant are reopening. but according to government request, they need the table service and other wireless device for keep social distance. So please check the blog to get more information. Contact support@retekess.com.  ...

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How to Choose Retekess Social Distancing Buzzer Paging System?

There are many guest paging system available on the market, here is the suggestion for you about how to choose the correct social distancing buzzer calling system for your business.  ...

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