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21 Questions That Will Improve Your Business BY Jim.Sullivan

21 Questions That Will Improve Your Business BY Jim.Sullivan

21 Questions That Will Improve Your Business BY Jim.Sullivan



Just sew a piece of good news about how to improve your business in running a restaurant business.


This article is written by Jim.Sullivan, who is a popular keynote speaker at leadership, franchisee and GM conferences worldwide.

After I read it, I was been touched by his questions, so share it with you, hoping that it is helpful.

In this article, he asked 21 questions. If you are doing business in a restaurant, you can check it. The more detailed your answer, the more effective the question becomes. 


Here are the details :

1. Why do some of our teams outperform other teams doing the exact same work?

2. If everyone agrees that service, selling, cleanliness, accuracy, and friendliness are so important, then why do those things get done on some shifts and not others?

3. Where, specifically, do we excel at recruiting, coaching and retaining people?

4. What are the current training and talent gaps in my restaurant?

5. What do we need to know next and do next to make ourselves more competitive?

6. What can we do right now to improve daily communication among team members, managers, and guests?

7. When do our managers and team members have the most fun at work? How can we replicate that?

8. Imagine that it's six months, or a year, from now and nothing has changed in our restaurants. What are the implications relative to people, performance and profits?

9. What processes or systems can be fixed or improved or eliminated? How?

10. How can I be a better leader?

11. What’s standing in the way of our managers/team members being more engaged at work and with one another and making more progress on a weekly/daily basis?

12. Is everyone on our team clear on what our current goals are and what their role is in achieving those goals?

13. What tasks or duties make our team members and managers feel most productive at work?

14. What’s one resource you don’t have that you wish you did have?

15. What are the current training and talent gaps in my stores?

16. How can we better identify, archive and share best-demonstrated practices in our restaurants?

17. How do we keep pre-shift meetings fresh and relevant?

18. How can we measurably improve our onboarding process for new hires to maximize retention and minimize turnover?

19. Who do we admire most for their people's practices? What can we learn from them?

20. How can we become the kind of company that would put us out of business?


 Pls check the questions carefully and answer it, I hope that it will help in your business.

I will share a lot of news in restaurants to improve your business.

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