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Tag Archives :retekess

Why do you need the Retekess Paging System for the restaurant?

The reason why do you need the Retekess Paging System for the restaurant. Retekess guest paging system requests no extra fees, no extra network, very easy to set and operate. The paging system could solve a lot of trouble caused by queuing.  ...

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How to Ask for Help When You Need It About Retekess Products

Retekess always does the best to provide our customers the high-quality products, and nothing is more important than our customers’ concern all the time. If any help needed, just feel free to contact us.  ...

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How to increase the range of Retekess Calling System?

You could use the TD021 signal amplifier to increase the range of Retekess service calling system and guest paging system. And the detail settings of the repeater  ...

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How to set notice mode of Retekess TD103 paging calling system?

Retekess TD103 wireless calling system has 7 modes notice. You can choose it freely. If you have any problem about this setting, please check this blog. Any questions, feel free to contact us.  ...

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How to Set Pager ID of Retekess TD103 Wireless Calling System?

Retekess TD103 wireless calling system. It is used widely in many area. You may face some problem when you setting the ID. Please check this blog to get the step by step.  ...

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How to change system ID of the Retekess TD157 wireless calling system?

Retekess TD157 wireless calling system, support unlimited transmitter charger base, one pager can pair as many as you want. This article is about how to setting the ID of the charging base.  ...

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How to Change the Notice Time for Retekess TD103 Calling System

Retekess TD103 setting issue, you can set 05-99s for notice time. It is quite easy to set. Check detail in the article.  ...

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Frequently asked questions on Retekess T130 tour guide system

Retekess T130 tour guide system 99 channels is very popular in the market today. Customers may have some questions on the audio guide system. I hope the Q&A could help you with the purchase or use.  ...

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How Retekess Guest Paging Systems work in Restaurants?

Retekess guest paging system is very easy to set up and use. It describes the details usage of the wireless calling system. Using a restaurant paging system could improve Customer Experience and Efficiency!  ...

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What earpieces can you use for Retekess Tour guide receivers?

TT103 is a two ears headphone, it is quite well for use to the receivers. You can choose it according to your needs.If any request, feel free to email us at Visit us:  ...

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