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What Are the Special Functions of TR510 FM Transmitter Broadcast Radio Station?

What Are the Special Functions of TR510 FM Transmitter Broadcast Radio Station?

What Are the Special Functions of TR510 FM Transmitter Broadcast Radio Station?

TR510 FM Transmitter is our new arrival product.

The Transmitter is produced with the latest chip, there is no noise during broadcasting at all.

It's FM band transmit frequency, frequency adjustment step is 0.1MHZ.

There are 3 powerS that can be switched at will and this transmitter has 2 mic jacks and 3 preset stations

It also has RCA audio interface, U disk interface, audio interfaces, and Bluetooth input. The display shows frequency information, which is clear and concise.

TR510 FM Transmitter is ideal for theater, cinema, universities, schools, conferences, and many other types of drive-in events.

Next, I will focus on 2 functions:

One feature is that the TR510 FM broadcast transmitter supports to preset 3 frequencies and fast to switch the three frequency points

TR510 FM Transmitter

In this picture, the three buttons I marked represent that we can preset three frequencies.

Users can preset 3 frequencies to the FM transmitter according to the exact needs, and switch the frequencies only by pressing the corresponding channel button.

This function is very practical. If you often use a certain frequency, whenever you turn on the transmitter, you have to search for that frequency. Now you can preset it and then you can switch to it with a one-key operation.

The other feature is that TR510 FM Transmitter has two microphone jacks

TR510 FM Transmitter has two microphone ports. (many FM Transmitters just have one mic jack)

 TR510 FM Transmitter

Two people can talk at the same time because of the two microphone ports, 

Because TR510 FM Transmitter Broadcast Radio Station has the above two functions, it has a wide range of applications, such as conferences, weddings, parking lots, and so on.

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If any, please feel free to contact us by email:support@retekess.com

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