How to Pair the Receiver of Retekess TT110 Tour Guide System

This blog mainly introduces Retekess TT110 Tour Guide System’s ID setting method,  Pairing method, and Turning off all the receivers with one-key.  ...

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Where do People Need to Use the Wireless Paging System

The wireless pager system is a short-distance wireless call meal picking system, which is suitable for catering, leisure and entertainment and various places that need to wait in line,  ...

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Instruction of Retekess TT106 Wireless Tour Guide System

Retekess TT106 Tour Guide System has many features that very convenient for people, such as One Key Operation, using two transmitters at the same time in one group, adding countless receivers and so on.  ...

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Introduce of Retekess TD156 Wireless Coaster Paging System

TD156 Wireless Paging System FM Frequency Technology IP67 Mainly has the following functions: 1.Long-range transmission 2.Large-capacity battery 3.Water-proof and fall-proof  ...

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Why Choose Retekess TD164 Wireless Paging System?

TD164 Wireless Paging System is our new arrival product. This product has been greatly improved in terms of quality, performance, and appearance, and it is also more convenient for customers to operate. Here I focus on three functions of this product.  ...

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What Are the Special Functions of TR510 FM Transmitter Broadcast Radio Station?

The two special functions of the TR510 FM Transmitter: The one function is presetting stations, and the other function is having two mic jacks.  ...

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