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Why Choose TD164 Guest Paging System for Your Restaurant?

Why Choose TD164 Guest Paging System for Your Restaurant?

Why Choose TD164 Guest Paging System for Your Restaurant?

Are you searching for a reliable guest paging system for your business? Look no further than our TD164 guest paging system. We have spent six months researching and analyzing the best features, including its design, stand-by time, one-key function, and more. We are confident that our system is the right fit for your business needs.

Fashionable Design

Unlike traditional slim and coaster pagers, our TD164 features a unique, easy-to-carry design that includes a "MUTE" key to stop reminder. Furthermore, it is larger in size, making it less likely to take away mistakely or lost.

Easy to Check Pager ID

The number of the TD164 pager is displayed upwards, which is convenient for the staff to write down the number when picking it up.

Stack More Stable

Design support columns, pagers into squares. The stacking of pagers is more stable and not easy to fall.

guest paging system pager TD164

Self-Check Function

Our TD164 features a self-check function that beeps to prompt users of its working mode, whether silent or beep. Only two models have this feature, with TD164 being the more reasonably priced option compared to TD183.

Long Standby Time

For food truck owners or businesses that require long working hours, our TD164 has an impressive standby time of up to 30 hours. Users can expect it to work for eight hours continuously, making it a perfect option for businesses that need to operate for extended periods. We also offer the TD161 model, which features a build-in battery keypad, making it suitable for outdoor use.

One-key Shutdown

At the end of the day's restaurant operation, TD164 supports one-key shutdown, saving time. Include One-key Shutdown(press 999+Call) and One-key Mute(press Mute button+999); Simpler operation and more convenient use for users

FM Technology

Our TD164 utilizes FM technology for more stable signals and a longer working range of up to 2624 ft in open areas and even more stability indoors. This technology is an upgrade from previous models that utilized the AM-amplitude modulation technology.

If you're interested in learning more about our TD164 pager system, click here to see additional details on our website.

Click here to see more details of TD164 pager system!

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