Reasons for Travel Agencies Using Tour Guide Audio System

Reasons for Travel Agencies Using Tour Guide Audio System

Reasons for Travel Agencies Using Tour Guide Audio System

It is not without reason that tour guide audio system are now being used more and more commonly by tour companies everywhere. It can indeed solve many of the problems that tour guides face when leading tourists around a scenic area. This is exactly what I will say next, why choose Retekess tour guide system?

Free movement instead of gathering

Without the use of a wireless audio system, the visitors can only gather around the guide to listen to his commentary. Especially when the number of visitors is high, not only is it crowded, but tourists who are far away from the guide cannot hear. Moreover, tourists have to follow the guide closely,and they can't stop at their favorite places, which completely loses the pleasure of the tour. RetekessTT109 tour guide system has a transmission range of 180 meters in the open area, so tourists can move freely within the area of 180 meters from the guide.

Eliminate shouting

To make all visitors hear the guide's commentary, talking very loudly seems to be a solution. But long hours of shouting is a difficult task for guides, whose vocal cords can cause throat discomfort and hoarseness under intense work. In addition, certain scenic spots prohibit loud talking, which is another reason why travel agencies choose whisper systems.

AUX assisted audio

The job of a tour guide is to introduce several of the same attractions to the group after group of tourists. This repetitive work can be done with the AUX function of the tour guide system. Record the attraction explanation and store it in MP3, tablet and other audio devices, connect the audio device and transmitter with AUX cable, and the visitors can hear the explanation clearly. In addition, it is also nice to use this function to play light music during tourists' rest or other suitable times.

AUX function of tour guide audio system

Customized travel agency logo

We all know that a unified visual identity for companies helps them expand their visibility,and enhance their brand image.Retekess supports the customization of your logo on the tour guide audio system, which will make your brand more impressive to tourists,thus expand your business. Honestly, we have customized logos for many clients,and without exception they are all satisfied. 

All in all, the tour guide audio system is not only a great tool to improve the satisfaction of your tourists, but also to help tour guides in their work.Retekess tour guide system has been tested in the market,and has a large number of customers all over the world, so it is a smart choice for travel agencies to buy tour guide system.

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