Retekess Anniversary Promotion in 2022

Retekess Anniversary Promotion in 2022

Retekess Anniversary Promotion in 2022

Retekess anniversary promotion is coming. The time is from 5th July-15th Aug. 

Do you still need the equipment for your business? Do you want to get the system at the best price? Do you have any concerns about Retekess systems? Come and visit Retekess official website to find the answer. 

It will last for about 1.5 months, so you have enough time to choose the system and prepare the fund.  The anniversary promotion is including the wireless gues paging system and tour guide system.

Wireless guest paging system 

The wireless guest paging system is widely used in restaurants, cafes, bars, church nurseries, and so on. So if you need it for your own business or your company. It is the right time to make the order.

The guest paging system of TD165, TD156, TD173, TD175, and T113 has a big promotion than before. The T113 slim paging system is very popular, due to its classic design and best price. There are 16 pcs pagers in one system. You can customize the logo on the pagers. The TD156 is also popular due to the feature of being waterproof. It can reach IP67. So if you need the guest paging system for your business, pls feel free to contact us.

Tour guide system 

In July and Aug, most of the people will have a holiday, from July to Aug. So it is the travel season, no matter for outdoor or indoor. For the tour guide system, there is a transmitter and receiver. The guides can talk via the transmitter. Within the working range, all the tourists can hear the sound from the receivers. All the guides can hear the sound clearly. Among all the Retekess models, the T130 T131 is the most popular. For 4 transmitters, 60 receivers and 64-ports charging case, we have the biggest promotion, there is a 300$ discount. So if you need the system, pls order it on our website. But if you have any questions for the system, pls email us at to get the best solutions. If you need the ear type, you can also check the TT106, which is the other type with the biggest promotion.

Besides, the promotion on the website is up to 30%, and most of the items have a 5% discount. If you need it, you can order ir on our website directly. For our regular, the promotion is also from 2%-10%.

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