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Retekess Halloween Deals Are Over!

Retekess Halloween Deals Are Over!

Retekess Halloween Deals Are Over!

Time goes so fast! The Retekess Halloween deals are over. Did you choose your favorite product at this event? The sales data in the background shows that there are still many customers who participated in this promotion and saved a lot of money. Let's take a look at which products stand out in this joyous festival.

Retekess Halloween Deals Champions List

In our guest pager system, wireless calling system, and tour guide radio system, which products are the top-selling items?

Paging system: TD156 Waterproof Pager System Long Range System. Is it familiar? That's right, it's also during this year's anniversary event. It is no exaggeration to say that none of the pagers can compare with the TD156. This product is loved by customers for its features. IP67 waterproof, sag protection with a silicone strip, over-distance alarm, working range up to 800M.

Service call system: TD112 Watch Pager Staff Paging System. This watch is a new product launched in June this year. With its high-grade black, it has successfully captured the hearts of customers. Of course, the most important thing is its powerful feature. IPX7 waterproof; fast charging, fully charged in 3 hours; customizable keys, set keys according to your needs; OLED display, clear and low power consumption; one watch pager can be used with up to 50 keyboards; 7 languages, English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese.

Tour audio guide system: T130 Tour Guide Headset System For Tour and Church Translation. The king of cost-effectiveness in our explainer has always been deeply concerned by customers. What are the features of the T130? Support 99 groups of simultaneous operation; 30-50 meters communication distance; easy to set up and carry around; 900mAh rechargeable lithium battery is used for the transmitter, can last for 12 hours after full charge; receiver 600mAh lithium rechargeable battery, fully charged can be used for 18 hours Hour.

Friends who want to know more information can check the detailed pages of these products. Don't be sad if you missed Halloween offers, because the Double Eleven Global Shopping Festival is here! Surprise?!

Retekess Double Eleven Global Shopping Festival

The past will never come back, we can only grasp the present. The Double Eleven Global Shopping Festival lasts for a week, and the deadline is the early morning of November 15th.

So, will the discounts on the Double Eleven sale be weakened compared to the Halloween deals? The answer is: of course. . . . not! Hahahahaha. The double 11 discount and the Halloween discount are the same, there is no difference, but after the double 11 discounts, all our products will return to the original price. I think this is bad news for many customers, but now, as long as you take advantage of the Double Eleven specials, don't think about anything else. All products participating in the discount are on our Promotions page, remember to bookmark it! No, after collecting it, go take a look, maybe there will be unexpected harvests! Hahahahaha.

Finally, the official team of Retekess, thanks to all customers and friends for their support all the way, goodbye Halloween!


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