Retekess T113 Guest Paging System Benefits your Restaurant

Retekess T113 Guest Paging System Benefits your Restaurant

Retekess T113 Guest Paging System Benefits your Restaurant

The Retekess T113 Guest Paging System is widely used in restaurants, dining trucks, coffee shops, clubs, and other occasions due to its exquisite appearance and simple operation. Launching the keyboard and pagers together will help you save more space, support charging 16 pagers at the same time, and its rectangular pagers are easier to hold.

The T113 pager system is equipped with 16 pagers, a larger number can satisfy businesses with larger passenger flow. It also supports different Keypad transmitters to set the same keyboard ID, which can realize the scenario where multiple transmitter keyboards call the same pagers. For example, if your ordering place and picking place are not set in the same place or different foods need to be picked up at different windows, then you need multiple keypad transmitters. This will help some larger business establishments to solve the problem of how to call the same customer at different windows.

In addition, the guest paging system adopts a waterproof and oil-proof touch panel, which is a piece of ideal equipment for restaurants, coffee shops, dining cars, clubs, and other business places that are relatively humid and easily contaminated by oil. It is also easier to use alcohol to wipe, disinfect and keep clean.

At the same time, pagers will remind customers in the prompt mode of the buzzer, vibration, and flash. You can also set a reminder duration of 12 to 60 seconds as needed to prevent customers from not paying attention to the reminder. The button on the menu side can turn off the reminder with one key so that customers don’t have to be troubled by the buzzer sound all the time in a quiet environment.

Come and get the Retekess T113 guest pager system for your business.

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