How to Use the Retekess TW102 Intercom Window System for DualwWay Conversation?

How to Use the Retekess TW102 Intercom Window System for DualwWay Conversation?

How to Use the Retekess TW102 Intercom Window System for DualwWay Conversation?

The Retekess TW102 window intercom system is simple to operate and has strong practicability, and is widely used in bank counters, ticket offices in entertainment venues, windows in service halls, and other scenes that require two-way communication. It can not only reduce the burden on employees, but also avoid the low work line rate caused by the inability of both parties to hear the content, and can bring a better experience to customers.

The appearance design of TW102 is small and concise, and it will save space when placed on the desktop. The external microphone can be pasted on the glass or wall with double-sided tape, making it easier to use.

The operation method of TW102 Window Intercom System:
Before use, you need to connect the table mic to the power supply and connect the external microphone to the table mic "Ext" interface. (Note: It is better to have a certain distance between the table mic and the external microphone, there may be noise if the distance is too close)
First, you need to turn the dial button to ON (the red power button in Canada is always on, and the I-amp and O-amp flash once)
The I-shut button controls the external mic. When you press the button, the external microphone will be muted and you cannot hear or speak. When the button is in the released state, the external microphone can be used normally, and when the external microphone is used to speak, the I-lamp will light up, indicating that the sound is received. Through the I-V button on the left, you can adjust the volume of the external microphone input and output.
The O-shut button controls the internal microphone. When you press the button, the internal microphone will be muted. But you can still hear the external microphone. When this button is released, employees can communicate with customers normally. At the same time, the volume of the internal microphone can be adjusted by rotating the O-V button.

In addition, TW102 also supports the connection of recording equipment, which can record the conversations between employees and customers. Employees can also use Retekess TT123 wireless microphone to talk to customers, which will no longer limit the scope of activities of employees and increase workplace flexibility. TW102 can also be connected to loudspeakers such as speakers through the "Spk" jack on the back.

Using the TW102 intercom window system will make two-way communication easier during the COVID-19 period.

Retekess TW102 Intercom Window System

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