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Why Choose Retekess TD164 Wireless Paging System?

Why Choose Retekess TD164 Wireless Paging System?

Why Choose Retekess TD164 Wireless Paging System?

Reason 1: Guests Can Stop the Alert with Guest Pager

There is a cancel button on the guest pager of  TD164 Wireless Paging System, guest can stop the alert once they received the call.

 Retekess TD164 Pager System

It is a very practical function. Many people don't like to be disturbed by a constant beep and feel irritable. If the sound of the meal picker keeps going backwards, it will make the guests feel more irritable. But this function can solve the problem and it can remind guests without annoying them.

Reason 2: Long Service Time

For the pager of Wireless paging System,4h get full charged, 30h continuous use; Can meet the needs of a whole day of use, and will not affect the use efficiency due to lack of electricity.

If the guest is holding the pager, he hasn’t heard you remind him to pick up the meal for a long time because of the pager without power. I think he will be very angry. However, this product has a using time of up to 30h, which can effectively avoid this problem.

Reason 3: Paging System with Call History

When there are more guests in the restaurant, the waiter will be in a hurry and can't always remember who has taken the meal. This product has a call log function, which can help waiters or chefs recall these things.It allows you to check 10 calling records.

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Here is the purchase clink: https://www.retekess.com/td164-long-range-paging-system/

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