Come and Choose the Most Suitable Tourist Guide System

Come and Choose the Most Suitable Tourist Guide System

Come and Choose the Most Suitable Tourist Guide System

When choosing a tourist guide system, travel agencies should not only consider the coverage, volume and other conventional performance, but also need to pay attention to the following points. In order to bring better service to tourists and improve their own work efficiency.

Long Battery Life

Typically, it takes a day or more for a tourist guide to lead a group to a site. In order to avoid being unable to use the tourist guide system due to lack of power, travel agencies must put battery life in the first place when choosing a tour guide system, because the above situation will undoubtedly bring a bad travel experience to your tourists. All products of the retekess tourist guide system can be used for at least 12 hours in a fully charged state, which has met the requirements of most travel agencies. But if you expect longer battery life, the TT106 is recommended, which lasts 25 hours on a full charge, or you can choose the TT101 and TT102, which have 20 hours of battery life for the transmitter and 40 hours for the receiver.

Lightweight Tourist Guide System

The transmitter and receiver of the tourist guide system need to be worn on the necks of the tour guide and the tourists respectively, so the lighter the product, the higher the comfort for people. For this requirement, it is recommended that you use T130 and T131, its transmitter is 58g, and the receiver is 45g. Even if you wear it for a long time, it will not cause discomfort to the neck.

Supports Two Launchers to Work Together for the Same Team

In some cases, a tour group needs two guides and assistants. At this time, we must choose a guide system that supports two transmitters working at the same time. The TT106 and TT105 allow two transmitters to work on the same receiver at the same time, that is, it allows two people to speak at the same time or take turns, and all listeners can hear both of them.

Of course, different travel agencies are suitable for different tourist guide systems. If you want to choose a tourist guide system that is more in line with the business for your travel agency, you are welcome to choose the Tour Guide System on the retekess official website. You can also contact us on the website, we are happy to provide you with advice and help.

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