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15% Off of T130S Audio Tour Device for a Limited Time

15% Off of T130S Audio Tour Device for a Limited Time

15% Off of T130S Audio Tour Device for a Limited Time

T130S audio tour device is the upgraded version of the hot-selling T130 tour guide system, which has improved the transmitting range, standby time, and features compared to the old version.

In order to reach more customers with this cost-effective audio tour device, Retekess has decided to launch a new product promotion between December 30, 2022, and January 30, 2023, all combinations of the T130S wireless tour guide system are reduced by 15%!

The T130 has been particularly popular with customers around the world since its launch, and at the same time, we have collected and summarized many suggestions and further requests from our customers and improved and upgraded it according to their needs. The following table can help you to understand more intuitively the difference between the upgraded version and the old version.

T130S-T131S  T130-T131


T130s-T131s T130-T131
Working range   100m 50m
Standby time Transmitter 12 hrs; Receiver 18 hrs Transmitter 20 hrs; Receiver 20 hrs
Transmitter mute function ×
Automatic channel synchronization
One button to turn off all receivers ×
Accessories retekess-audio-tour-device audio-tour-device

Applications of the T130S audio tour device

It can be used for wireless communication in tour groups, church or courtroom interpretation, silent meetings or teaching training, etc. In situations where communication is difficult due to distance or noise, it can transmit the speaker's voice clearly to every listener. It can also be used as a translation device to break language barriers, simply by creating different translation groups depending on the type of language of the listener, with one interpreter in charge of one translation group.

By the way, the T130S upgrade version is compatible with the old version, that is, the T130S transmitter and the T131 receiver can work together. If you have bought the T130-T131audio tour device before, you only need to replace the T130 transmitter with the T130S transmitter, the communication range will be extended from the original 50 meters to 76 meters, and the working time of the transmitter will be extended from 12 hours extended to 20 hours, and with a key mute function.

The discount offer for the T130S-T131 wireless guide audio system is going on now, after January 30, 2023, all combinations will return to the original price. If you need it, I suggest you don't miss this opportunity. Of course, if you have any questions or needs, please feel free to send an email to support@retekess.com, we have a professional team to serve you.

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