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New Arrival TD166 Super Long Range Paging System for Manufacturing Hub and Warehouse

New Arrival TD166 Super Long Range Paging System for Manufacturing Hub and Warehouse

New Arrival TD166 Super Long Range Paging System for Manufacturing Hub and Warehouse

Retekess wireless paging system has a new member-- TD166. Super long receiving distance makes it more suitable for manufacturing centers and warehouses. Let's see how it works in manufacturing hub and warehouses.

Paging System for Manufacturing Hub

Running a manufacturing hub requires multi-channel, highly-targeted and interruption-free communication between the different staff members of the same or different departments. Even the slightest miscommunication can lead to irrevocable losses for manufacturing industry administration and staff members. Retekess 5-km long range paging systems TD166 help the manufacturing industries as they:

Notify Staff Immediately

When someone wants to inform a staff member regarding the status of manufacturing material, it can be done simply with the push of a button on the keypad. Staff members can receive the message immediately and go to the requested location for immediate updates of manufacturing material to move on to next processes.

Performance Efficiency

The time spent in the dispatch and reception of messages can be minimized with call button pager systems. With just a push of the button, an quick message can be sent to all staff members and targeted service personnel. There is no need to type a message or to go through complex message configurations. Up to 9 quick messages can be set.

Minimize Errors and Risks

A manufacturing hub have multiple things going on at the same time. Thus, there are greater chances of errors and risks caused by miscommunication mainly. Text message between pagers and the keypad fill communication gaps and ensure interruption-free, accurate communication in team members.

Coordinate Multiple Teams

Multiple pagers can be installed in the same manufacturing hub to coordinate different team members of the same team or members of different teams.

Warehouse Paging System

It always to say that warehouses are places with a lot of chaos and hustle happening everywhere. Even the slightest interruption in communication can lead to drastic delays which can cost a lot of money to be repaired. Pagers allow warehouse staff members, forklift drivers, mechanics and other workers to alert their managers and concerned administration members regarding important messages or tasks.

Communicate Effectively

Alert drivers and inventory managers regarding any change in warehouse workload. Communicate with different team members for efficient inventory management and inflow/outflow of different items.

Reduce Response Times

Immediately answer the alerts received by any staff member and reach the location on time to offer emergency help.

Call for Help Anytime

Easily push a button on the keypad and call pagers for help with warehouse issues. Enhance productivity and let go of communication hurdles standing in the way of your progress.

Make Announcements Easily

Push for service buttons can be used to page staff members and making announcements easily. Inform the staff members about any immediate changes, any new requests, customer visits, inspections etc.

Retekess warehouse paging system TD166 helps improve communication efficiency, production efficiency, and response speed. It reduces communication barriers, labor costs, and risk expenses.

For more information, please click here and view more details. Any questions, feel free to contact us at support@retekess.com

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