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6 Reasons to Visit Museums With Wireless Audio Tour Guide System

Wireless audio tour guide system is a wireless radio communication system, ideal for visiting museums or exhibitions.  ...

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Retekess Wireless Tour Guide Audio System for Plant Tours

Retekess wireless tour guide audio system provides affordable and quality communication solutions for plant tours.  ...

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A Must-have Tour Guide Audio System for Travel

Retekess audio guide system has many useful features. It is the key for travel agencies to improve efficiency and create successful trips.  ...

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Why Do You Need The TT112 Wireless Tour Guide Headset System

TT112 Wireless System revolutionizes group communication with lightweight designed ear hook receivers, 200-meter range, intuitive operation and two charging modes (USB charging and Charging case charging in batches). Versatile applications enhance experiences in tourism, plant tours, churches, conferences,etc.  ...

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Compare the T130 Tour Guide Sound System with T130S Upgrades

T130S tour guide sound system upgrade model has improved a number of features on the basis of keeping up with the cost performance.  ...

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Retekess TT110 Best Audio Guide Headsets for Museum

Do you need the audio guide headsets for your museum tour group? Most museums have rules about the talking inside, The amplifier is not available now. So you could choose the TT110 tour guide system for your tourism. If any requests about the device, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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Wireless Tour Systems For Hajj And Umrah

Wireless tour systems for hajj and umrah are portable and lightweight, with clear sound, allowing godfathers and believers to easily communicate wirelessly, improving the service level of Hajj and Umrah travel agencies.  ...

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