Why Does Church Nursery Need Wireless Pager Systems?

Why Does Church Nursery Need Wireless Pager Systems?

Why Does Church Nursery Need Wireless Pager Systems?

Using a wireless paging systems for church nursery is a reliable way for church nurseries to keep them as safe, loving places. Church nursery paging systems from Retekess are sure to enhance your church's image. Parents can rest assured that if they are needed in class, they will be promptly and discreetly notified through the church's nursery paging system. 

What is a Nursery Pager System?

The nursery pager system allows church staff to call parents back to nursery immediately and silently. Staff can call the parents by entering their pager number onto the transmitter keypad. The pager will vibrate and blink to notify parents.

How to Use?

Pager systems can be very easy to use. When parents arrive at the nursery, staff should give them a pager containing a number. If there is an emergency, staff will then input the pager number of the parent into the keypad transmitter. And the signal will be sent out and pagers will vibrate and light-flashing to remind parents.

Advantages of Having a Nursery Pager System

Let’s now talk about the advantages of having a nursery pager system installed in your church.

Call parents anywhere in your church immediately and noiselessly. The pager will only vibrate and blink for parents to be notified. You don’t have to worry about loud ringtones interrupting the service, unlike phones.

It will not disrupt church services. Parents can be alerted by a nursery pager system without paying too much attention. When attending church services, it is important to give your full attention. Won’t disturb other worshipers like lighted displays or wandering ushers.

Employees do not need to go out to find parents, ensuring that children are adequately cared for. Pagers also save time and make it easier for staff to find parents rather than search for them. When the service is full, it can be difficult to find the parents. Using a paging system, staff will just wait for their parents to arrive, which saves you both time and hassle.

Moreover, a nursery pager system allows for constant vibration notifications so parents never miss their alerts. Increased child safety, only parents with the correct pager can pick up the child. Maintain parental privacy, improve concentration, and increase attendance.

Wireless paging system gives nursery and daycare attendants a direct line to parents, allowing staff to keep their attention focused on the children and parents to pay attention to worship. Pagers are set to discreetly blink and vibrate without beeping, so parents can be called to the childcare area without causing interruption.

Worth a Try Paging Systems

Retekess offers a secure church nursery with a fast and reliable paging system.

T112 paging system have 3 alert modes: vibration+beep+flashing lights, beep+flashing lights, vibration+flashing lights, which is very suitable for the quiet environment of the church.

TD156 long distance paging system has three reminder methods: beep, lights and vibration, and the speed can be adjusted. Make sure you can remind without disturbing others.

For more information, please click here and know more about wireless paging system for church nursery. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at +86-15639073051 or email at support@retekess.com.

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