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Easy to set up, Support customized logo, Strong and durable,One key to shut down all the pagers, Retekess design with a number on the top of pagers


T119 paging system Free Shipping to the United States (Shipping from US warehouse)

Other countries orders shipping from China directly

Retekess T119 coaster paging system comes with 1 keyboard transmitter and 10 coaster pagers, the pagers could be added up to 999 to meet the grows of your business; T119 wireless calling system with 3 reminder mode, Buzzer+Flash, Vibration+Flash, Buzzer+Vibration+Flash Each coaster pager has one micro charging port so that the pager can be charged individually. There are 3 buttons on the pagers, power on and set and mode key. easy to change code and power on and off the pager.


T112 paging system is 600m range in the open area and 200-400m with many walls. Widely used in the fast-food restaurant, pizza shop, coffee shop, bars, and churches. One-pager could be called by different transmitters which in different places with the same number or different number as needed


2-3 hours charging time, can work about 8 hours, Reach 800m in open area and about 150-500m in buildings, Widely used in restaurants, food truck, coffee shop, church nurseries, logistic centers, hospital, 4S shop, text center, card tournament, and so on.


The signal receive distance is 50m to 200m

Rechargeable 400mAh battery for the watch receiver

Watch Receiver use dot matrix LCD screen to maintain the image clarity

Support single key and multi-key functions


Two-way communication

TT105 two-way radio transmitter features an innovative design created

not only ideal for use in family outdoor activity but also for various small businesses


Mute all receiver with one key

80m working range at an open area

PLL frequency synthesis technology

195-230MHz VHF band transmission

99 groups to operate in the same area

1300mAh lithium battery, long standby time

Power off all receiver via the transmitter, pressing the power key for 6 seconds


Touch keyboard, comfortable to use, Pager surface content customizable, Pager reminder duration can be set separately, Power on automatically and support the one-click shutdown, Using AM modulation technology, the signal is stronger and more stable, The shape adopts the anti-symmetrical design, white simple and generous.

$139.99 $119.99

Waterproof and oil-proof for the keypad adopts RF wireless technology, long working range, one key shut down all the pagers 99+ Call


Retekess T116A restaurant paging system with 10 pagers. You can add up to 998 pagers later when your business grows Integrated modeling design of transmitting host and receiver  Using AM modulation technology, the signal is stronger and more stable. Touch keyboard, comfortable to use. 5 reminder modes: Vibration with light and buzzer, vibration and buzzer, vibration and light, vibration, buzzer and light


Waterproof charging interface, safer shut down all pagers once press key "99" and then press " call", Easy to change mode time from 7s-35s, set the time that you need with 5 blue led light prompt


5W high-quality speaker, made of aluminum alloy
The split microphone design makes the sound clear and loud
Adjustable microphone sensitivity according to the environment
Support a wireless microphone, more flexible activity space


TW102 window intercom system adopts aluminum alloy shell and metal outside unit

Anti-interference and noise-free function

Dual way window speaker system

Mute function. Free Shipping to the US/EU


The window speaker system is made of plastic, so it with lightweight. the speaker is a 5W high-quality speaker, and the split microphone design makes the sound clear and loud. This is BLACK color, Retekess design.


Retekess TW103 is a dual-way window speaker system, which makes

conversation easier

Speaker volume and microphone sensitivity can be adjusted

High-quality speaker and high-sensitive microphone, the voice is realistic and clear

Very easy to install, you can sticker the outside speaker on the wall or glass

Made of aluminum alloy, very durable


Adopts full-duplex intercom communication technology
Anti-interference and whistle-removing, reproduce the original sound
Both internal and external volume can be adjusted
With a long cable, easy to install and use


Retekess TW101 window intercom system

3 W Dual way intercom system

Volume adjustable

Easy to install and use

Talk-through intercoms for Restaurants, ticket windows, bank counters, and any other place that need to talk through glasses or physical barriers


Build-in 300mAh battery, work max up to 10h Upgraded Version with screen on the pagers Work with long-range, max up to 300M in the open area Charging indicator light, flash when charging and light green when full

Restaurant Buzzers Charger Standard (EU, US, AU, UK)