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Tour Guide System

Tour Guide System for Group Tours and Events

Tour guide system includes wireless transmitter with mic and a number of wireless receivers with headsets, it helps the audience easily to hear every word from speaker. As more customers experience the convenience and practicality of the tour guide system, it is widely used in all indoor and outdoor activities, both in quiet and noisy environments.

Retekess tour guide system has a stable signal and clear sound. One-way and two-way communication devices, different frequencies, different distances, and multi-channel options are suitable for a variety of scenarios. In the same area, few groups use at the same time will not interfere with each other. In open places, the distance can reach 50-180 meters. We have configured a variety of packaging quantities to choose from, choose different quantities according to the size of your team.

Retekess translation devices have a better sound quality and stable signals. Translation devices are used in churches, courts, schools, lectures, conferences, and other scenes. Support 5-20 groups to use at the same time, can quickly group, and realize multi-language translation at the same time.

The wireless portable transmitter includes the necessary accessories, microphone, charging cable, and lanyard, no need to purchase extra accessories. One transmitter can be used with countless receivers. If you need an additional transmitter, you can buy the transmitter corresponding to the receiver directly.

Retekess wireless receiver includes earphones, charging cables, and lanyards. No additional purchase is required. A team supports countless receivers, you can purchase directly according to your needs.

Retekess guide products are equipped with a charging box, which can charge dozens of devices at the same time, it can save you a lot of time. The charging case is also convenient for storage and easy to carry outside. Different models are equipped with different specifications of charging boxes such as 32 ports, 40 ports, 60 ports, or 64 ports.

Accessories for Retekess tour guide system, according to different scenarios and environments, we provide a variety of optional accessories for tour guide system, handheld microphones, lavalier microphones, headset microphones; single-ear headphones, headset headphones, ear headphones; charger bases, etc.