Retekess TD173 Paging Service System with 30 Pagers

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One key to turn off the phone

Multiple prompting modes

Batch modification settings

Call record inquiry

Support multiple launch keyboards to call the same pager

Acrylic panel touch screen, sensitive keys, comfortable to use

Note: Please use the product on the table which be made of wood, plastic, glass and other materials, and avoid the table top of metal and marble.

Retekess TD173 paging service system, a combination set equipped with 30 pagers, sturdy and wear-resistant, stable performance is the strong comprehensive strength of the product. It is suitable for many scenarios that require queuing such as catering, medical, entertainment, and service.

The use process of the TD173 Paging Service System:

Guests to the restaurant to order a meal, the waiter will order a small ticket and take food together with the guest; guests do not need to wait at the front desk, just find a seat and sit down, waiting time can be online, read a book or chat with friends; the meal is ready, the waiter through the host placed at the front desk to call the corresponding pick-up device number; guest pick-up device received call information, will issue a drop sound & flashing lights & vibration prompts; guests take The guest will take the meal picker to the front desk and return the meal picker.

TD173 Paging Service System's Functions:

Retekess TD173 paging service system functions

Call record inquiry

Press the upward or downward key, the host displays the number called. When a number you want to call again is queried, you can call it directly by pressing the call key. Up to 10 call records can be queried.

One key to turning off the phone

Press the 999+call key, and you can shut down all the pager with one key, which is very convenient to operate.

Multiple prompting modes

4 kinds of host prompting methods, and 7 kinds of pager prompting methods, can be set according to the use of scenarios or your needs at will.

Set prompting time

You can choose any time within 1-999s as your pager's prompt length.

Batch modification settings

Place the pager that needs to change the setting on the base, set it on the host, and all the functions of the pager can be modified.

Advantages of TD173 Paging Service System:

1. Touch panel is made of acrylic, comfortable to touch, and sensitive to press.

2. 3-bit LED digital tube display, clear and durable.

3. Host set the same ID number and can support multiple calls to one.

4. pager with reset key, to achieve a key to close the reminder and reset function.

5. Replacement of advertising paper: custom advertising paper can be used to promote your brand.

TD173 Paging Service System Solves the Following Problems:

1. Solve the problem of customer queuing.

2. Create a quiet and comfortable consumption environment for customers.

3. Allow customers to rest or entertain during their free time for consumption, fully enjoying freedom and comfort.

4. Improve the efficiency and service quality of the service staff.

5. Reduce the number of service personnel, saving the cost of business expenses.

6. Enhance the corporate image, optimize the customer dining experience, and improve the competitiveness and attractiveness of enterprises.

Scenarios of TD173 Paging Service System Usage

TD173 Paging Service System can be used in coffee shops, dessert stores, food trucks, pizza stores, burger stores, hot dog restaurants, and many other industries that require waiting in line.Retekess scenarios of TD173 paging service system usage

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TD173 Pager

TD173 Transmitter





Working Frequency


Power Input


Stand-by Current


Working Frequency


Stand-by Time


Keyboard Method


Reception Sensitivity


Modulation Method



DC 3.7V/200mAh

Maximum Number of Receptions Supported

998 (20pcs/set)

Reminder Method








Package Details:

Transmitting keyboard (charging base) X 1

Pager X 30

5-country manual X 1

Charger X 1

Packing box X 1

Antenna X 1

Q: What is the biggest difference between Retekess TD173 and T112?

A: Retekess TD173 and T112 are both very good pager systems in terms of overall strength, and there are two major differences between them. The first is that the TD173 is a touch button, while the T112 is a traditional push button. The second is that TD173 has more combinations of reminder modes and can set the reminder duration, while T112 has only three reminder modes.

Q: What is the transmission distance of the TD173 Pager System?

A: TD173 Service Paging System can reach over 500m in an open environment.

Q: Can I customize my logo? Where will they be displayed?

A: The clear acrylic panel of Pagers can be removed, so you can change your logo or other content as many times as you want. Of course, you can also contact us to order for you, so that when you receive the Pager System, it has been replaced with your unique logo.

Q: Can I call the same pager with multiple transmitter keypads?

A: Yes, you can. If you need to distribute pagers in one area and retrieve them in another area, you can use different transmitter keypads to call the same pager.

Q: What is the maximum number of pagers that can be used with 1 transmitter keyboard?

A:1 transmitter keyboard can be used with 998 pagers.

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