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Daily Archives:September 04,2021

Retekess TT110 Best Audio Guide Headsets for Museum

Do you need the audio guide headsets for your museum tour group? Most museums have rules about the talking inside, The amplifier is not available now. So you could choose the TT110 tour guide system for your tourism. If any requests about the device, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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How to Use the Retekess TW102 Intercom Window System for DualwWay Conversation?

The Retekess TW102 window Intercom system has simple operations. During the COVID-19 period, it is widely used on occasions that require two-way communication. Its smaller size will save more space, and the external microphone equipped with double-sided tape is more conducive to installation. At the same time, it supports the use of wireless microphones, which will provide employees with a more flexible working space.  ...

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