Retekess TT110 Best Audio Guide Headsets for Museum

Retekess TT110 Best Audio Guide Headsets for Museum

Retekess TT110 Best Audio Guide Headsets for Museum

Do you need the audio guide headsets for your museum? Do you need the audio guide systems for your museum group tour?

With the development of science and technology, museums have more requirements for visitors, and people’s requirements for tourism are getting higher and higher. Everyone hopes to have a good experience when visiting the museum, a quiet environment, and clear explanations. In order to understand the history of the museum more clearly.

Then, at this time, the tourist team entering the museum needs audio guide headsets, and the traditional speakers are no longer applicable. Because it will make the museum very noisy. People can’t experience cultural relics in a good environment.

For example, below are the request for mobile phones and amplified microphones from the Vatican museums

Mobile phones

Endeavoring to ensure the best possible experience for visitors, the Vatican Museums strongly discourage mobile phones inside the exhibition spaces. Visitors are required to activate the silent function of their mobile devices.

The use of mobile phones is forbidden in the Sistine Chapel.

Amplified microphones

The use of amplified microphones is not permitted in the Vatican Museums,

For the guided group tours with 11 or more participants, the internal hire of radio headset systems is obligatory.

Based on the above rules, tourism groups must use Audio guide headsets. That is the best way to visit the museum.

That way, Retekess aims for providing the best audio tour guide system for museums, the Retekess TT110 tour guide system is 2.4G, and free use in the world. In addition, it has both a mic and an aux jack, so you can play some light music when you are not talking. And that is also can be the background audio.

With these tour guide systems, you will have the best experience, the tourism group. And you can use the charging case to carry the devices. It is very convenient.

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