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Daily Archives:December 25,2023

Things We Need to Know Before Choosing a Restaurant Paging System

Implementing restaurant pager systems is a popular solution for enhancing efficiency and improving customer service. Define your objectives, analyze the floor plan, and choose the right system based on range, battery life, and features. Train staff effectively and maintain pagers regularly for optimal performance. Respect customer privacy by handling data securely. Monitor and adapt the system based on feedback to continuously improve operations.  ...

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Horizontal and Fully Functional Coaster Pager Retekess TD167 Series Restaurant Pager Queuing System

Retekess introduces the TD167 series, a horizontal and fully functional circular pager system designed for restaurants. With advantages over traditional pagers, this system offers stability, ease of use, and advanced features like over-range alarm and vibration alerts. The TD167A and TD167F models provide cost-effective solutions with slight variations in working distance. Both models enhance communication, reduce wait times, and improve the overall dining experience.  ...

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