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Why Interpreters need Retekess Simultaneous Translation System?

Having a set of Retekess portable interpretation system gives a lot of convenience to interpreters. You could choose the favorite simultaneous translation system in Retekess  ...

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How to choose Retekess Tour Guide Audio System?

The special features for each model of Retekess tour guide system Knowing this will help you to choose the suitable model for your purpose of usage  ...

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2.4GHz Free Band Tour Guide System

2.4GHz technology is widely used in the wireless communication applications in the whole world. No matter where you are, you can use the wireless tour guide system. Because it is free band.  ...

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Which model is the simplest operate tour guide system of Retekess?

Retekess TT109 is a one way communication tour guide system. The operation is very simple. Please check this blog to review. If any questions, feel free to email us support@retekess.com. Visit: www.retekess.com  ...

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Frequently asked questions on Retekess T130 tour guide system

Retekess T130 tour guide system 99 channels is very popular in the market today. Customers may have some questions on the audio guide system. I hope the Q&A could help you with the purchase or use.  ...

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