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How to use the Key Function of the T128 watch receiver

How to use the Key Function of the T128 watch receiver

How to use the Key Function of the T128 watch receiver

The T128 watch receiver paging system is very popular in server industries, especially for the catering industry.

Different industries require different call buttons which in different service types.  For example, the table call system used in the restaurant, the wireless call buttons may have 1 key, 2 keys, 3 keys, 4 keys or more keys in one button. And the service type on the keys may be CALL, ORDER, BILL, SHISHA, CANCEL and so on.

How to make the servers know what’s the customer needs and provide the right service in a short time? Obviously, the call information displayed correctly on the watch receiver is very important.

The Retekess T128 wrist receiver pager system is compatible with a variety of wireless call buttons. Also, it allows us to set what information to be shown on the display according to our needs.



What we can do with the Key Function?

Firstly, when we add caller, we can define the Area from A-Z, 0-9 for the callers

Secondly, we can define Service Types. It allows us to set 40 different service types. Each type allow you to set 12 characters, each character could choose from 0-9, a-z, A-Z and space.

Finally, after adding the callers, we can pair the buttons to the accurate service type.

For example, A area number 1 desk ask for water service, the information on the watch displays A001 Water + call time and how many times the same customer has been called



Should you need more information about the T128 wireless pager system, welcome to leave comments here.

By the way, the T128 wrist receiver is on sales from 20th, June to 30th, July 2019, please contact us at support@retekess.com directly to get the special offer. 

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