Why should you choose TD183 long range restaurant pager system?

Why should you choose TD183 long range restaurant pager system?

Why should you choose TD183 long range restaurant pager system?

Even we have many models of guest paging systems, but in order to meet more customers' requests and serve customers better, we are always trying our best to develop and improve our product. So customers can have the best experience.

Recently, we have the TD183 long-range restaurant pager system on market. It is very good for people who like the large pager most. This restaurant paging system, it uses FM modulation which has a longer range than AM modulation. And it has 20 pagers in one system.

For the pager size, it is the largest among all of our pagers. It is 100*96*20mm. So if you like a larger one, this one is the best choice.

Many businesses need more than 20 pagers, can you add more pagers? Sure, you can add up to 998 pagers max.

Many people request the range as well, for the system, the range is 800 meters in the open area. So it is a very long-range guest paging system. If you want a long-range request, feel free to choose this one. Of course, the price is very cost-effective among the FM modulation paging system.

What other features it has?

For the pagers, it is very easy to put them back, because the touch part has a magnet, so they will slip together when you put them on the base. The experience will be wonderful.

Guest can press the button on the pager to close the call. That is very easy for using. The customer doesn’t need to hear the sound or feel the vibration until put back.

This pager has a low battery and fully charge remind. So you can see the status of the power.

When you take one of the bases, the pager will sound by itself, so you can know the pager is good for use. You don’t need to worry that you gave the customer a bad one just in case.

And it also supports history checks. You can check 10 recent calls. So you can check it in time.

With all the above features, you should have one for your business. If you have any other requests about the restaurant pagers, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com.


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