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Why Choose Retekess TD162 Guest Paging System for Your Business?

Why Choose Retekess TD162 Guest Paging System for Your Business?

Why Choose Retekess TD162 Guest Paging System for Your Business?

Retekess supplies the wireless guest paging system for restaurants, cafes, food trucks, hotels, and so on. Usually, we have a slim type and coaster. Some of the people like the slim one, because usually there will be more than 16pcs in each unit. Other like the coaster one, due to the smaller size. We realize the problem and design the new model in Retekess history. It combines both of the advantages, Pls check the reason why choose the TD162.

1, Fashion Design

With the shape of a crescent, more fashion. The most important is that it is easy to handle.

2, New charging way to save space.

The direct plug-in disc charging makes the meal taker not only has the beautiful appearance of the disc, but also can be charged like a square meal taker that is convenient, fast and reliable, and saves space.

3, Touch keypad

More Sensitive and there is no space on the keypad, so the level of the keypad is IP32

4, Support change the ID of the keypad

The product supports one key to call multiple menus at the same time: the menus that need to be called are matched with the same transmitter host to the same number, call this number, and the menus with this number will be reminded at the same time, theoretically, there can be countless One.

The product supports multiple transmitters to call the same menu: set the ID numbers of the transmitters to be called to the same number, one of the transmitters can be coded with the menu, and the transmitters with the same ID number can call this meal brand

5, Lower power remind

The pager is with a build-in 300mAh Lithium battery, and the standby time is more than 18 hours. The most important is that with the lower power remind. Few types of the types with the lower remind, but most customers want to use the function, so we develop the item with the remind function so that people can charge the pagers in time to ensure the pagers can work well in the business.

6, Adjustable reminder duration

For the promotion time, we make it adjustable, the time is from 0-250 Seconds. You can set it by the function F3.

7, The longest working range

The product uses a built-in antenna, and the call distance of the product in an open area can reach more than 500 meters. The existing AM product has the longest distance, which can meet the needs of normal applications.

The good news is that the TD163 will be in the market soon, which has the 20pcs pagers, if you need it, pls send us a message, we will leave the stock for you.

Retekess TD163 guest paging system

We care about every customers needs , and will make the products based on them. If you also have any suggestions for Retekess or Retekess items, pls feel free to email us at support@retekess.com or visit here to leave us your questions, Retekess team will do our best to help you and study the best solutions.


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