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Difference Between TD110 Pager Watch and T128 Pager Watch

Difference Between TD110 Pager Watch and T128  Pager Watch

Difference Between TD110 Pager Watch and T128 Pager Watch

Based on the customer's request, they ask for a more durable belt clip for the watch pager. So we develop a new model TD110 pager watch.

First of all, in terms of appearance, the TD110 wrist watch looks more beautiful, the strap is very durable, and the elasticity is very good, which can be rotated at will.

Retekess TD110 pager watch

TD110 Pager Watch and T128 Functional Similarity 

For both the TD110 and T128 pager watch receivers, they both support vibration, ringing, and flashing, so you can mix and match any reminder. You can set the reminder duration and whether to cancel the call, and you can cancel the call on the watch receiver. The button number can be set from 0-9, and A-Z. So you can have a variety of options, you can manage the call button partition. They are then used with all of our Retekess buttons, as well as with both the TD021 repeater. So you can use them to increase the range if you need long-range.

Difference in Function

TD110 watch receiver supports 999 buttons, T128 watch pager supports 500 buttons; TD110 supports 8 languages, T128 basic version currently only supports English. For T128, it supports single key and multi-key functions. This means if you use a 5-key call button pair with the watch receiver, if you choose a single key, you just pair one time, and all the keys name the same number. If you use the multi-key functions, you can name each key a number. And based on the function name the watch already have. If you need a new one, you can customize yours.

So if you need multi-languages and need a durable belt clip, you can use the TD110 pager watch. You will love it.

Besides, if you have any comments about our watch receivers, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com.

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