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Do Retekess Tour guide System Connect the Wifi?

Do Retekess Tour guide System Connect the Wifi?

Do Retekess Tour guide System Connect the Wifi?

Retekess tour guide system is widely used in many areas, such as tourism, translation, church, conference, and plan tours. And they have sold all over the world and have a good reputation.

So more and more customers come and ask the information about the tour guide system. You may be curious if Retekess tour guide system can connect the wifi? And people also worry that if they have to connect with wifi to use it.

The tour guide system with 2.4G, which is the same frequency as wifi, but they are not the same, and the tour guide system can’t connect with wifi. The 2.4G frequency is free to use in the world. So it is widely used in the wireless communication area.

Since the 2.4G tour guide system same frequency as wifi, so we don’t recommend the 2.4G device if you use it inside with the wifi. Because there might be interference. But if you use outside. There is no problem. The signal will be good and the range is good too.

Normally for the 2.4G device, the range is 100-150 meters in the open area. And we have few models. TT105, TT109, TT106, TT122, and TT110 are all 2.4G tour guide systems. So you have many choices, you can choose the one which you like best.

If any other questions, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com.

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