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Retekess T116 2019 new design wireless calling system

Retekess T116 2019 new design wireless calling system

Retekess T116 2019 new design wireless calling system

 Retakess T116 guest paging system is our new arrival and design. We have a professional engineer and market researcher to collect Retekess customers' needs to make this wireless paging system.

It has many good features to meet kinds of demands in many places. Such as restaurant, food truck, church nursery, shopping center, dessert shop, cafe, snack bar, hospital, Safety Ministry at Church, vaccination veterinary clinic, Medical team, and Security team members and key staff, trase show and so on.

 Let us see the details:

1, Unique design makes by Retekess

new design T116 retekess.jpg

2, Easy to use, there are 2 buttons in the middle of pagers. One"set" button for pairing and one "mode" button for changing prompt mode.

A: How to pair?

Just need to press the"set" key, when the lights don't flash, type the number that you want to change, and press "call" when the lights off and pagers vibration and beep. It means that we pair the pager successful

B: How to change prompt mode?

Just press the "mode" button, change the mode that you need.


3, Long-range, the wireless calling system can reach to 1000M in the open area and reach about 500m in buildings.

range to.jpg

4, Strong signal, there is a built-in professional PCBA chip for complicated processes. It can work well even under conditions like cement walls, brick walls or wooden doors. So the signal is more stable


strong signal.jpg

5, Five prompt modes, so it can be used for different conditions

5 types prompt mode T116 retekess.jpg

6, Friendly material, comfortable, smoothly

F9407B (14).jpgF9407B (13).jpg

6, Unique design for pagers, easy to handle 

special design for pagers T116 RETEKESS CAOSTER CALLING SYSTEM.jpg

Ida highly recommended Retekess T116. You can use it in many places.


We provide 2-year free warranty, any question pls contact support@retekess.com

Restaurant Chruch Nursery
HTB1i0GTaXY7gK0jSZKzq6yikpXaV.jpg HTB1xMaYaa61gK0jSZFlq6xDKFXaI.jpg
Hospital/Clinic Warehouse
HTB16W5WaeH2gK0jSZJnq6yT1FXaQ.jpg HTB1RACVafb2gK0jSZK9q6yEgFXay.jpg




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