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Solution for Floating Boat Cinema in September

Solution for Floating Boat Cinema in September

Solution for Floating Boat Cinema in September

With drive-in movies making a resurgence now that traditional movie theaters are temporarily closed, many companies are finding a way to see the movie and stay safe. Recently, the Floating Boat Cinema is very popular in the US, especially in San Diego, Los Angeles, and some cities. The experience is designed to delight city lovers and film fans alike: the boat takes the audience on a thrilling sunset cruise through the heart of the city before docking in the shadow of the capital's most awe-inspiring sights to screen a movie out in the open air.

Retekess supplies the solutions for your business, of course for the boat cinema, we supply the FM broadcast transmitter to broadcast the audio, and the FM headset for customers to listen to the sound more clearly. We also support customize your logo on the FM headset. 

Pls check the details for the Retekess items FM transmitter and headset

FM Broadcast Transmitter TR502, TR505, and TR508, all the FM transmitters will broadcast the audio via FM signal. You can choose one blank frequency band, then broadcast it. The similar use is for the drive-in church, drive-in mover, drive-in conference, etc. You can click here to check the more details.

FM headset receiver - TR101 and TR104

BOATING Cinema FM headset

Retekess solution baoting cinema

Retekess supply the 2 types FM headset receivers, when you set the frequency of the FM receiver as the same with the FM transmitter, it will get the signal in the working range. They are the best choice to wear them outside. This is the difference with the drive-in movie, people need to wear the headset instead of sitting in the cars.

 The event would certainly provide a memorable experience and be a welcomed summer activity in a Covid-19 world. So you can set your cinema to have this function. If you want to know more details, pls email us at support@retekess.com

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