The Difference Between TD164 and TD183 Restaurant Pager System

The Difference Between TD164 and TD183 Restaurant Pager System

The Difference Between TD164 and TD183 Restaurant Pager System

The hot summer has arrived and restaurant paging systems are now playing an important role. It allows customers to wait in comfort instead of anxiously queuing in the sun. They won't lose their place in the queue while being able to return in time when it's their turn.

In restaurant operations, the use of wireless pagers can help restaurants increase work efficiency and improve communication between employees and customers. We have popular models on market now, both TD164 and TD183 guest paging system.

Same Functions of TD164 and TD183 restaurant paging system

Easily add additional pagers

Both models are capable of adding up to 998 pagers.

FM Technology and Long distance 800 meters/ 2624 ft

Both models, they use the FM modulation technology, so they are long-range systems, the range can be 800 meters in the open area.

Battery and Standby Time

Pagers are 300 mah, they can stand by 20 hours.

Prompt Modes

The notice mode is vibration+beep+flash and vibration+flash, the notice time is the 30S.

View 10 Lasest Callings

Using TD164 and TD183, you can check the 10 latest calls.

Mute Key to Cancel Reminder

Both pagers have the cancel key, so customers can cancel the reminder when they receive the call. Not have to go back to the charging base to cancel.

Self-check Function

The pagers have the self-check function, so when you give it to the customer, it will have a sound according to your set. So you can make sure the pager works well. Customers will not be disturbed by annoying beeps on the way back.

Difference Between TD164 and TD183 Guest Paging System

Retekess TD164 Wireless Long Range Paging System Retekess TD183 Long Range Pager System 800M for Restaurants, Bars, Cafes

TD164 Touchable Keypad Paging System

TD183 Durable Square Pager System 

10 pagers in one standard kit 20 pagers in one standard kit
Keypad is separate Keypad with a charging base together
TD164 pager size: 80*80*18mm TD183 pager size: 100*96*20mm
Touchable button keypad Physical button keypad

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