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TT122 Tour Guide System Detailed Description

TT122 Tour Guide System Detailed Description

TT122 Tour Guide System Detailed Description

Simple and stylish design, convenient operation method, light-weight, and small size, yes, it is the RetekessTT122 Tour Guide System, with it, you can overcome noise interference and communication distance restrictions, tourists do not have to worry about falling behind and not hearing the tour guide's speech, the tour guide does not need to be loud Shout, you don’t have to worry about disturbing the people around you when you visit the museum and create a comfortable visiting environment for you.

TT122 audio guide system adopts a 2.4G frequency, which is free and universal in the world. It supports 36 channels. One transmitter can be connected to countless receivers according to your needs, allowing multiple groups to work in the same place, communication distance can be up to 150 meters in open areas. One-key receiver synchronization and one-key shutdown of all receivers saved time.

TT122 has 0-10 volume levels. You can set a comfortable listening level according to your hearing needs. If you don’t want the audience to hear you, you can also press the mute button. There is a low battery and out-of-range reminder, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind.

The transmitter and receiver have a built-in 1500mah rechargeable lithium battery. The transmitter can work continuously for 12 hours when fully charged, and the receiver can work continuously for 18 hours. It is environmentally friendly and safe, convenient to travel, and no need to worry about power issues. Support aux input, which can be connected to audio devices such as computers, mobile phones, MP3, etc., to play background music or audio files prepared in advance.

TT122 wireless transmitter and receiver are widely used in tourism, church translation, education and training, museums, factory tours, and other occasions to improve communication efficiency and are loved by the majority of people.

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