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Tag Archives :audio tour guide system

6 Reasons to Visit Museums With Wireless Audio Tour Guide System

Wireless audio tour guide system is a wireless radio communication system, ideal for visiting museums or exhibitions.  ...

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Which Audio Tour Guide System is the Best for School

Many students are back to school, and the audio tour guide system can make sure that all the students can hear the sound clearly and the two-way system lets the students talk and listen at any time.  ...

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Retekess Wireless Tour Guide Audio System for Plant Tours

Retekess wireless tour guide audio system provides affordable and quality communication solutions for plant tours.  ...

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A Must-have Tour Guide Audio System for Travel

Retekess audio guide system has many useful features. It is the key for travel agencies to improve efficiency and create successful trips.  ...

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Seamless Communication Unleashed: Elevating Experiences with the TT103 Tour Guide System

Explore the versatility of the TT103 Tour Guide System, a wireless audio solution revolutionizing communication. With advanced features like 200 channels, extended battery working time, and PLL technology, it ensures clear and uninterrupted transmission. From inclusive church services to noise-resistant plant tours and multilingual learning in schools, TT103 redefines communication in diverse settings, delivering seamless and immersive experiences.  ...

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Best Tour Guide System for Umrah

Best tour guide system for Umrah, why TT109 is the best? A long-range system with 180 meters. Easy use, good sound quality.  ...

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How to Pair the Receiver of Retekess TT110 Tour Guide System

This blog mainly introduces Retekess TT110 Tour Guide System’s ID setting method,  Pairing method, and Turning off all the receivers with one-key.  ...

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Compare the T130 Tour Guide Sound System with T130S Upgrades

T130S tour guide sound system upgrade model has improved a number of features on the basis of keeping up with the cost performance.  ...

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Can I Customize the logo for the Tour guide system

Tourism growing faster in some countries, and the tour guide system is based on professional tools for traveling, it is widely used in many agencies and companies. Retekess customize logo on the tools to help your business.  ...

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Retekess TT110 Best Audio Guide Headsets for Museum

Do you need the audio guide headsets for your museum tour group? Most museums have rules about the talking inside, The amplifier is not available now. So you could choose the TT110 tour guide system for your tourism. If any requests about the device, feel free to email us at  ...

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