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Where Can I Get TR507 FM Transmitter?

Where Can I Get TR507 FM Transmitter?

Where Can I Get TR507 FM Transmitter?

Where Can I Use the FM Transmitter in This Hard Time?

In this time, many governments suggest people not gather together to protest yourself. But for many applications, we need to face to face. So in this way, FM transmitter is widely used in drive-in church, drive-in movie, drive-in funeral , and drive-in awards events. TR507 is produced in May, once we list it, it is popular in the whole world due to the high quality and cost-effective price.

But before this, we also have TR502, TR505, and TR508 FM transmitter. They are out of stock in March and April. But now they have enough stock now. They are very popular before due to the hight quality and god features If you still need the FM transmitter, pls check these types because these types are our long sales planning. The suggestion type that is similar to the TR507 is TR502.

Model Type TR502     TR507     
Pictures TR502 FM transmitter TR507 FM transmitter drive in church
Frequency range  88~108MHz 88~108MHz

Antenna connector


Working range 0-3KM 1-3KM
Bluetooth Y Y
Transmitter size 5.66x3.94 x2.32in 10.6x7.5 x2.6in
Transmitter weight/g 1690 2276
Antenna removable Y Y

Alarm for antenna N N
PC control Y N
Mic/AUX Input Y Y
U-disk Y Y
TF Card N Y
Power                      DC DC
Channel Mode   Stereo/Mono  Mono
Antenna cable Y N

The advantage of TR502 is that this FM transmitter has the cable antenna, the length for the cable is 5M, so that you can put the antenna in the place where you need it. And it supports PC control, so very easy to operate.  The most important is that the price for the TR502 is more cost-effective then TR507. We sell the TR502 for a long time, so the price is great now. 

Besides, the good news is that we have an annual promotion from July - Aug, so you can get a better price. If you need more information about other types of FM transmitter or get a better price for bulk, pls email us at support@retekess.com


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