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Top 2 Best Wireless Restaurant Pager Call Button

Top 2 Best Wireless Restaurant Pager Call Button

Top 2 Best Wireless Restaurant Pager Call Button

The Most Popular Wireless Call Button for Your Business

Retekess focus on wireless communication technology for 12 more years, we care about every customer's needs, to develop the products. Especially in this hard time, many places are prohibited gather together, so for many restaurants, they set their tables outside with a safety distance. So how to call the waiter with a long-range? Retekess wireless calling system supply the best solutions for the restaurant in the COVID-19 time. 

Here are the top 2 best call buttons:


Retekess call button

This is the most popular type, due to its design, high quality and cost-effective price. For this vision, we also have Russian and Portuguese versions. If you need more, you can also contact us to customize your own logo and language. For this type, it is 4-keys, it is for pay, order, call, and cancel. We also have 1-key, 2-keys. Pls choose the right type. It uses 2 pcs 3V CR2016 battery, usually, it can be used for 1-2 years, after that you can change it by yourself.

It can work with all the Retekess receivers: T128, TD106, TD106, T114, and TD105. 


retekess call button for restaurant cafe

This item is popular due to the durable and long-working range. There are 3-keys for this type, it is call, pay, and cancel. It used 12V/23A battery, usually, the using time is about 1-2 years, you can change it by yourself after it is used out. It also adopts AM modulation mode, the working range can up to 100M in the open area. 

It can work with all the Retekess receivers, T128, TD108, TD106, T114, and TD105. 

All the call buttons and receivers can be used in Restaurant, Bank, Cafe, Club, Clinic, Church nursery, Office, Factory, Service center, and so on.

If you want to get the best solutions for your business , pls email us at support@retekess.com. Or Click Here 

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