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Which Retekess Call Button Work in the Longest Range?

Which Retekess Call Button Work in the Longest Range?

Which Retekess Call Button Work in the Longest Range?

The Longest Working Range of Retekess Call Button     

The wireless calling system is very popular in this time, you need to put the call button on the table, so once the customer needs help, they can press the call button directly, no yelling at all. It will enhance the restaurant image, improve working efficiency, and customer satisfaction. But which call button has the longest working range, so water will get the signal, even in the long-range.

Most of the call buttons adopt the AM technology, so the working range is not far as the FM type, but the AM call buttons are still very popular due to the cost-effective price. And most of the call buttons use the battery after you use them for a while, you need to change the battery by yourself. As we all know, the battery polluted environment hard, so we produced one self-power call button in this year.  

Here are the details of the self-power call button:

Working range up to 500M

New technology-Micro current signal, stable signal, and long working range. For this type, it can not be used the call button only, you need to use one repeater. Only in this way, the signal can be expanded. Put repeater, in the middle of the call button, and watch receiver. The longest range is 500M.


  Retekess self-power call button

There is no battery in the call button, it is used Self-generation module, so for this type, it is totally waterproof. You can put it on the table, and no need to worry about dropping on the call button. 

Durable to use 

This item adopts self-power type when you press the call button, it will transmit the signal, the repeater will get it and then change the signal to other types, which can be got by the watch receiver. The using time up to  100.000 times. Very durable to use.

One Repeater transmit all the call buttons signal 

retekess call button

One repeater is enough to be used in this system, once you press the call button, the repeater will get the signal.

It is worked with all the Retekess watch receivers and host receivers, such as TD108 watch receiver, TD106 watch receivers, TD105 host receiver.  If you want to know more details about the wireless call system, pls email us at support@retekess.com.

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